We are now able to offer our specialist one to one menopause clinic. 

Barb is passionate about helping women navigate their way through their menopause, with 15 years experience as a nurse practitioner, the last 6 accessing various specialist menopause courses, locally and via the British Menopause Society 
Each woman’s journey is different and each woman needs to have their individual needs discussed and catered for. No women will experience the same journey, even if their symptoms are similar. 
I offer a safe and confidential environment where each patient will feel like she is being listened to. We will jointly explore ways in which to alleviate symptoms, whether that’s with HRT, lifestyle changes or more naturally. 
Although I am a prescriber I will generally not prescribe but instead will write to your GP with my recommendations where you will then be able to collect your medication via the NHS. 

I have access to a menopause lifestyle specialist, 

a pelvic floor physio and soon will be able to offer CBT therapy via our nurse specialist who will also be able to help with surgically induced menopause especially focusing on breast cancer. 
Peri-menopause and menopause affects all women, whether it’s early menopause, surgically induced or natural menopause. Not all women will suffer and not all women will understand that symptoms they are experiencing are menopause related. Barb will be able to advise you hopefully making your menopause journey more manageable. 

Initial consultation £85 for 45 minutes, 

a follow up appointment will be arranged either f2f or telephone which ever is more convenient for you and you care will then be handed over to your GP for continuing HRT prescriptions and support. 

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