ACCOR Plasma Treatment 

ACCOR Plasma Treatment 

The gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery 

What is ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen Treatment? 

This is a gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery. It is also effective in the reduction or removal of wrinkles and uneven surfaces, pigmentation and scars, and permanent make-up, skin tags and small tattoos. 
The combination of Plasma and NF+ Technology currently makes the Plasma Pen unique worldwide. 

How Does this Treatment Work? 

Without touching the skin, the pen creatives an ionised plasma arc which projects onto the skin surface. The plasma arc instantly vaporises a point of the skin at the required position, therefore tightening the immediate surrounding area. 

Is this Treatment Painful? 

This is an especially gentle and low pain procedure. When the area has been 'numbed', clients should feel little discomfort during the procedure. Following treatment, the area will feel the same as 'mild sunburn'. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need? 

One treatment is enough for many people. However, some people may require 2-3 treatments depending on the severity of wrinkles/loose skin. 
Each treatment would be performed after 3 months. Your personal treatment plan can be discussed at your consultation. 
Prices start from £100 for skin tag and mole removal. 

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